Manal Universe

Class 9 Science

Question 1:
Name types of simple tissues.
Simple permanent tissues are of three types: Parenchyma, Collenchyma, and Sclerenchyma. Parenchyma tissue is of further two types − aerenchyma and chlorenchyma.

Question 2:
Where is apical meristem found?
Apical meristem is present at the growing tips of stems and roots. Their main function is to initiate growth in new cells of seedlings, at the tip of roots, and shoots.

Question 3:
Which tissue makes up the husk of coconut?
The husk of a coconut is made up of sclerenchyma tissue.


Question 1:
Define the term “tissue”.
Tissue is a group of cells that are similar in structure and are organized together to perform a specific task.

Question 2:
How many types of elements together make up the xylem tissue? Name them.
There are four different types of cells that make up the xylem tissue. They are:
(i) Tracheids
(ii) Vessels
(iii) Xylem parenchyma
(iv) Xylem fibres



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