Manal Universe

Sea Wasp (Deadliest Creature)

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Cnidaria
Class: Cubozoa, Werner, 1975

Sea wasp or Box Jellyfish or Box Fish is the most poisonous sea creature than stone fish, sharks or sea snakes. Even it is a beautiful jelly, it has slain more people than other marine animals. Box jellyfish are usually found in shallow water. If you see the Box jellyfish to the sea, you are not allowed to water activities to do. They live in the coastal waters of northern Australia and New Guinea to the north to the Philippines and Vietnam.

Deadly Toxins

What’s really amazing is how the stinging cells work. They’re little tiny poison darts that are buried inside the flesh of each tentacle (like the sweat glands in your skin), along the entire length. They’re triggered chemically, by contacting the surface of human skin or the scaly skin of a fish. Scientists have captured box jellies and put them in tanks in the laboratory. Simply by pouring alcohol into the tank they caused the stinging cells to react and release their venom. This means that if the jelly’s tentacles don’t come in contact with the chemicals on human skin, the nematocysts won’t respond and you won’t get stung!

220px-Avispa_marina_cropped Box Jellyfish1 Box Jellyfish3


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