Mughal Dynasty

Babur’s coins

Dynasty: Mughal Emperor, Babur / Coin-S.1

Ruler : Babur (A.H 932-937 / A.D 1526-1530)

Denomination: SHAHRUKHI, Metal: Silver

Rarity : SCARCE

1-Babur-shahrukhi-mintless-M2688.3 babrclip_image00240


KALIMA is in Arabic language and is expressed as “La ilaha illallah, Muhammad ur Rasool Allah.”

There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is The Messenger of Allah.

Kalima is the Muslim declaration and profession of faith about Allah and Prophet Muhammad.

Kalima is used on the coin of Muslim rulers e.g. Sher Shah Suri, Islam Shah Suri, and Mughal Emperors also used The Kalima, e.g. Emperor Babur, Humayun, Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan, Murad, and Shuja. Emperor Aurangzeb discontinued the use of Kalima on his coin; but after him Emperor Alamgir-II used the Kalima on some coins

CALIPH (In Arabic, Khlifa) means ‘Rightly guided’ The Mughal Emperors given Kalima on their coin and side by side they gave first four Caliphs name (Abi Bakar, Omar, Osman and Ali) on The coin, That reads their Epithet and name on coin as follows,

Az Siddique ABI BAKAR

Wa Adale OMAR

Az Sharm OSMAN

Wa Ilme ALI

Beside Mughal Emperor, the other Muslim rulers e.g. Turks, Khiljis, Tughluqs, Bahmanis, Bengal Sultan and other had given Kalima and Caliphs name on their coin.


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