Manal Universe

For Rain lovers…

When I’m In The Rain

I feel so complete when I’m in the rain,
I feel no sorrow I feel no pain,
I may give me a cold but I don’t care,
There’s a calming sensation from grass to air,
The feeling of love I don’t have, I will gain,
Because my heart falls open as I stand in the rain.



Depending on where you live in the world and what you do for a living, you will have a very different opinion on rain from others. In some countries, rain is the great facilitator of life. Not just for drinking water for people and the wildlife, but for farmers who need rain to grow their crops. Rain is vital for the cycle of life. However, in other countries where there is no shortage of rainfall, it is seen as nothing more than an inconvenience. Even worse, recent heavy rainfall has resulted in severe flooding and deaths. In this way, rain can be seen as both the giver and the taker of life.


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