Manal Science Zone

Basic Lunar Information

Name: Moon
Age: 4.5 billion years old
Mass: 73’490’000’000’000’000 million kg
Shape: Egg-shaped
Family: Member of our solar system, satellite of earth
Active Relationships: Orbits around the earth
Distance from earth: 384’467 km (~364 397 km at perigee,
~406 731 km at apogee)
Traveling by car: 130 days
Traveling by rocket: 13 hours
Traveling by light speed: 1.52 sec
Diameter 3476 km (1/4 of the Earth’s)
Driving around by car: 4 days
Gravity acceleration: 1.62m/sec2 (1/6 of Earth’s)
Revolution period: 27.3217 days
Mean Synodic period
(new moon to new moon): 29.530588861 days
Mean orbital velocity: 1.023 km/sec


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