Come to the World of Colours

Butterflies are an important part of our world. They pollinate plants more than any other insect except bees. When the eco-system is out of balance butterflies begin to die out and so are good indicators of a healthy environment. Finally, butterflies are a favorite food of song birds, which many people like to attract to their gardens. These are only a few of the hundreds of facts about butterflies. These insects are so interesting that hundreds of books have been written about them, and they have been carefully studied by many scientists. Since the greatest threat to butterflies is loss of habitat knowing more about them is an important way to protect these amazing creatures.Purpul-butterflies-flowers Papilio Rumanzovia Butterfly on Flower rose-shaded-butterfly 261Butterflies do not sleep but the do become inactive on cloudy days and at night.
The colors of a butterfly come from minute scales that cover the surface of the wing. 182486,xcitefun-beautiful-butterflies-butterflies-948118q 1106473-bigthumbnail 2963922030_3737bc5cf5 201311371742_butterflypic Beautiful-Flowers-and-Butterflies-Wallpapers-High-Definition

The iridescent colors of the butterfly are caused not by pigmentation but by the light bending through the scales.

beautiful-flowers-and-butterfly-urban-art_158750 blue-butterfly-on-brightly-colored-flowers-garry-gay

There are butterflies with thousands of eyes. All butterflies have compound eyes made up of about 60,000 lenses.
Butterflies can see color and they can even see ultraviolet light. Humans cannot see this type of light. butterfly-flower Butterfly draft_lens9167891module82329231photo_1264980493monarch-butterfly-bush-fl


flowers macro butterflies 1920x1200 wallpaper_www.wallpaperto.com_97 Flowers-butterfly-natural-beauty-desktop-wallpapers.-1 image (6) pictures-of-butterflies-and-flowers-9


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