Most Dangerous Waterfalls With The Most Wonderful Scenes

Most Dangerous Waterfalls With The Most Wonderful Scenes Image

1-Iguazu Falls, Border Of Brazil And Argentina

The breathtaking beauty of the Iguazu Falls will impress any nature enthusiasts in search of the world’s most precious jewels. The falls are situated on the Iguazu River, which flows along the border of Brazil and Argentina, and this vast curtain of water divides the river two portions. While most portions of the falls are located in Argentina, the river usually flows through the Brazilian state. With the immense beauty and grandeur of Iguazu Falls, it is often compared with other picturesque falls in Africa such as the Victoria Falls. Nevertheless, Iguazu has a much wider length, which is divided into several falls that make it appear less broader than Victoria.

2- Victoria Falls, Border Of Zimbabwe And Zambia


Currently the largest falls in the planet, Victoria falls has a magnificent height of over 300 feet and a width of 5,577 feet. With its steady and powerful flow rate, majestic height, and broad size, it is no wonder that tourists around the world are awed by its jaw-dropping appearance. Victoria is known not only for its remarkable height, but it is also popular for the Devil’s Pool, which is its famous feature found on the falls’ edge. The pool straddles on the Zambian portion of Victoria, specifically on Livingstone Island. The best time of the year to swim around just a few distances from the part where water crashes over the falls is from September to December. However, you should take extra caution during your visit to the Victoria Falls, as there are some casualties that occur in the falls when adrenaline junkies slip over the water’s rock barrier.


3-  Dettifoss, Iceland



Dettifoss is situated in the Northeast portion of Iceland, specifically in the Vatnajokull National Park. With its massive discharge volume, it has been coined as Europe’s largest and most powerful waterfall. In addition, the volume does not remain constant, as it tends to increase due to any volcanic activities or weather-related conditions that cause the glaciers to melt on the Vatnajokull. To prove how powerful and strong the waterfall is, you can even feel a strong vibration among the rocks surrounding the waterfalls.










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